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  • Technical Details
  • Affected Devices (with public advisories)
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  • White paper
  • Videos (below on the right)
    • SirenJack
    • How SirenJack works
    • How SirenJack was discovered
    • What is SirenJack
    • SirenJack Whiteboarded
    • SirenJack Proof of Concept
  • Images (below on the left)
    • Bastille logo
    • Chris Risley, CEO, Bastille Networks
    • SirenJack logo
    • Balint Seeber, Bastille Research Team 
    • Various photographs of Balint Seeber with a Handyradio (Hardware needed to perpetrate a SirenJack) near Sirens in San Francisco
    • Siren systems from Acoustic Technology, Inc. (ATI Systems), the current affected device manufacture
    • Note: click on the image gallery, then right click on the image on Windows or Control click on a Mac to be prompted to download a high resolution image

SirenJack IMAGES

SirenJack Videos